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The Magic of Christmas

December 14th. The sun is shining, and the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season is in the air. We hear it in the shopping malls, department stores, on the television and on the radio. What am I referring to? Well the Christmas adds of course!

Every commercial out there is telling you to buy this for her, and to get this item for him, and Little Timmy isn't going to have a good Christmas unless Santa gets him the newest R/C Monster Truck HD that just came out at Target.

But where does the magic of Christmas truly happen? Is it in the presents? The miraculous wrapping paper and bows? The monetary value that we put on our Christmas and Holiday agenda is staggering, and in turn, can be extremely stressful.

I just finished watching "The Polar Express" with my 1 year old daughter Delaney. In this movie, the little boy has a hard time believing in the magic of Christmas, or Santa all together. He can't hear the bells ringing, the music playing or the laughter of children. By the end of the film, he realizes that Christmas is not about the presents, how much you spend, or what you want. He realizes that Christmas, Santa Claus, and the magic of Christmas is as simple as this. BELIEVING! Believe in the power that Christmas holds in your family. Enjoy your family traditions, Have a wonderful feast! But most importantly, love what you have, and not what you want.

I held onto the belief of Santa Claus for many years. I must have been almost 15 years old when I started to realize what was going on. But I remember the Christmas Eve night back when I was about 5 years old. My older sister and I looked out the big picture window at our old farmhouse in the (what used to be small) town of Prior Lake Minnesota and I yelled "I see him!" "I see him!". I saw Santa Claus that Christmas Eve in 1995 with my very own eyes, and I still believe that I was him to this day.

Remember, seeing is not believing, and sometimes the most powerful things in this world, we can't see at all.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my family to yours,


Thomas, Katie and Delaney O'Halloran

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